Refresher courses

Today's bikes are technological masterpieces:

They're built using lighter composite materials, have very powerful engines, large radial tyres, powerful disc brakes and are often fitted with features such as Traction Control and ABS. They are much quieter. This together with fullface helmets and ear defenders, takes away the sense of danger.

How do the best riders stay out of trouble?

They use a higher level of concentration than the average rider and are continually scanning all around them for signs of potential hazards. They don't wait for something to develop. Each move they make is a planned event which ensures the rider is always riding at a safe speed with the bike in the right gear and in the safest position on the road.

You'll find the vast majority of these riders have taken development courses in defensive riding techniques and are constantly looking at ways of developing these skills. It's a sad fact, but riders returning to biking after a long period of time without training are more vulnerable and are likely to be involved in an accident in their first two weeks of riding.

What can you do ?

I know what you're thinking. Training is boring OK, then think of it as development. After all if you were trying to improve your golf swing or tennis game you wouldn't think twice about taking lessons with a professional.

So why do you think relearning to ride a bike is any different ?

Don't learn the hard way. The school of hard knocks can be very painful way to learn and in some cases you don't graduate. We are professional trainers. All our Instructors are enthusiastic motorcyclists who take a pride in their skills and are more than pleased to pass on their knowledge.

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