Hourly courses

At Thurrock Motorcycle Training we recognise that a lot of people have not got the time or resources to plunge into gaining a full bike licence in one go. That is is why we are launching our exclusive hourly bike courses to cater for people who already have a lot of other commitments to meet.

Our courses are designed to fit around our students lifestyle and can be taken at a pace that suits you. Although this has been a standard feature of learning to drive a car for years there is currently no other motorcycle training school, that we are aware of, that offers this facility.

In addition to this it enables the student to decide whether or not they can relate well to their instructor rather than taking a huge gamble that they can complete a course to test standard in a few days and relieves a lot of the pressure involved in learning to ride. With years of experience our dedicated team of Instructors can assess your training needs and specifically design your course to ensure the highest chance of success when you take your test.

The only requirement that we ask is that you have taken a CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) as this is a legal requirement before you can go on a public road. This requires usually just one day of training and can be booked with us. You can study for your theory test whilst learning to ride and a test can be booked for you at a time that is convenient.

For further details or advice please feel free to contact us on

for information email us at info@tmtmotorcycletraining.co.uk or call 01708 864 110