Direct access course

Practical Test for Direct Access (500cc/650cc)

Module 1 Test

Our Training course is over 2 days with module 1 test in the second day.  We do supply the motorcycle for this training course (Kawasaki ER’s).
This test is taken at the test centre.  Our centres are located in Basildon or Eirth in there off road area.
This is a circuit ride.  There are 11 motorcycle manoeuvring exercises to complete as follows:-

1 On and off the stand
2 wheel the machine
3 Slalom
4 Figure of eight
5 30 kph / 10 mph circuit ride
6 50 kph / 32 mph avoidance
7 Controlled stop
8 U – turn
9 Slow ride
10 30 kph / 19 mph circuit ride
11 50 kph / 32 mph emergency brake

There are speed sensors in the circuit for the required speed manoeuvres.  If you do not reach the required speed the examiner will allow you to re take the speed manoeuvre once more. 
The Module 1 Test takes approx 15 mins.

Before you are entitled to take this Test you are required to have taken and passed :-
CBT Course and hold a valid Certificate
The Motorcycle Theory Test and hold a valid Certificate

On passing the Module 1 Test you may then continue your training over 2 days with module 2 Test on second day.

Module 2 Test

The Module 2 Test  Is a pursuit test on road with an Examiner .  This is approx 40 mins road ride.
On passing Module 2 you have Full motorcycle entitlement. 

for information email us at or call 01708 864 110