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Why take the Advanced Test
Traffic accidents account for almost half of all accidental deaths in Britain and are the largest single cause of death and injury to young adults.
Most riders think they are both safer and more skillful then the average driver, yet in 95% of accidents human error, mainly unsafe driving practices, is the major cause.
You realise the driving conditions change and are becoming more difficult.
In order to keep pace with this you need to review, adapt and update your riding skills.

You should consider taking the Test for all the above reasons Passing the Rospa Advanced Driving Association Test will prove that you are a rider of the highest standard.

The Test
The riding test is conducted in all different locations throughout the Country by Police Advanced Certificate Holders. It is generally regarded as the most comprehensive and challenging test of its kind available to the general public.
your result is graded and a full written report supplied. Because you want
to maintain the high standard. Rospa do require you to renew your grading and retake the test every three years. Hence keeping up to date with all changes that occur.

The examiner will look at how you obtain information about what's happening around you, what you do with the information, the smoothness with which you use the controls and your riding performance

You have all the reasons and a lot more Contact T M T the friendly family run school.

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