Advanced courses

Enjoy your riding. This is the time to consider taking Advanced Training

Benefits to our Course
Improving your riding skills will only make you safer, but you'll find you will get more enjoyment out of your bike.
Lowering your Insurance Premiums
Reduced levels of stress
Improved fuel consumption
Less wear and tear on your bike

We can programme a course to suit you.
4 hours training
1 full days training
2 full days training if you are looking to take an Advanced test or more if required.

But most of all Research has shown that riders who have trained to advance standard are 20% less likely to be involved in an accident.

Absotuely any qualified rider could become and advanced rider, given the correct instruction and some practice.
You will need to know and follow the current issues of the highway Code and Roadcraft.
However you will be unwise to apply for the advanced test unless you have had some additional training. T M T will be happy to supply the course to accommodate you.

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